Shetland Home Co.

Shetland Home Co is a diverse and community focused enterprise. Its main function is to support re-use and recycling in our isles. It delivers a range of services which have evolved in response to our communities needs.

Retail outlet

Everything you can find for sale in the Shetland Home Co has been generously donated by the Shetland community. Things you will be able to find include:

  • Furniture including couches, wardrobes, chests of drawers, tables and chairs
  • Domestic white goods and electrical items
  • Computers, printers and monitors
  • Books, DVDs, CD's and Vinyl
  • Mirrors and Pictures
  • Collectables, China, Glassware and much, much more

Our primary function is to re-use and recycle household items with the aim of reducing waste. Our skilled team maximise this aim by carrying out small repairs, PAT testing all electrical items and ensuring all items are clean and in good working order before sale.

How to donate your unwanted items

Its amazing how much your unwanted household items can have value for others. We are particularly interested in donations of computers and large furniture items including tables, chairs, sofas and bedroom furniture.

We appreciate all donations given and happily accept these from you at the Shetland Home Co. If you have large items you would like to donate we offer a collection service for these FREE of charge.

For more information call 01595 696889.


Our friendly delivery team can also deliver large items purchased from us across the Shetland Mainland for a small fee. Delivery fees range from £5 - £15.

For more information call 01595 696889.

Recycling Materials

Over the years we have steadily increased the recycling of components from electrical appliances, PC's and machinery.

This salvage activity targets high value materials such as PC mother boards for their gold, copper, brass, stainless steel, electric motors, cables, lead acid / lithium ion batteries and mild steel. Our team remove all plastic, rubber, glass and contaminates ready for sale to salvage markets on the UK mainland.

We also sell a pre-pack selection of small components inclucing assorted nuts, bolts, springs, metal axles, jewellery components, knobs and handles for model engineers, DIY enthusiasts, inventors, jewellery makers and people interested in arts and crafts. These can be found on the Shetland Home Co retail floor.

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies is a great place for all your small animal requirements.We stock pet food, litters, bedding and bowls, health and hygiene, and grooming and toys.
Plus a lot more that you and your furry and feathery pets need.

Port Business Park, Gremista, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0TW