About Us

COPE Ltd is a well established and successful social enterprise and charity which provides employment and skill development for adults with learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorders.

COPE Ltd sells goods and services to individuals, local authorities and private businesses. All profits or surpluses are always reinvested back into the company to fulfill our social and environmental purposes.

At COPE Ltd we are committed to giving people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a supportive and inclusive work environment, free from stigma and discrimination. Everyone is valued for their abilities and are appropriately supported and encouraged to fully participate in all aspects of running our busy enterprises. Each enterprise supports a range of volunteer skill development placements and supported employee positions.

Our vision

Everyone regardless of disability should have the opportunity to work if they so wish. Given the right conditions, all adults have the potential to contribute to our local economy and in doing so will learn to value themselves and others.

Our values

At the heart of everything we do are our values.

  • Respect

We recognise each others differences and show consideration for one another.

  • Equality

We believe that everyone contributes equally to the success of our organisation and as such will be valued and appreciated.

  • Fairness

We are committed to the principles of social justice and opposing prejudice.

  • Excellence

We believe in working hard to ensure we are the best we can be for our participants, staff and customers.

  • Accountability

We account for our activities, accept responsibility for them, and to share the results in a transparent manner.