We work alongside

COPE Ltd is a social enterprise who strives to be as self-sustaining as possible.

We work hard to generate the majority of our running costs through the sale of high quality products and services. We are supported to do this by various organisations in a number of different ways.

COPE Ltd values all support given and is committed to developing and maintaining respectful relationships with all its stakeholders.

Our stakeholder support includes:

Funding support

The funding received from these two organisations provides assistance with core costs and supports the provision of over 100 employment skill development sessions per week. COPE Ltd has a longstanding and productive relationship with both organisations and values their ongoing committment to assist us to achieve our aims.

Business support

These organisations provide valuable business support to COPE Ltd, assisting us gain skills in areas such as entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership. These in turn help us work towards our goals of economic growth, increased sustainability and social impact.

Sector support

These organisations provide valuable support in the achievement of our vision and charitable purpose. Types of support can include guidance on social investment, funding opportunities,support in measuring our social impact, understanding public policy and national social enterprise strategy and promoting and facilitating networking opportunities with other similar organisations​ across Scotland, the UK and the World.

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