Shetland Garden Co.

COPE's Garden Co is here for all your gardening needs. Our staff and participants can offer you a wide variety of Shetland-proofed trees, plants, tools, accessories and pet supplies.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday - 9.30am to 4pm

Our garden team and participants can give you the right advice, plants and equipment to help you develop your green fingers in the UK's harshest gardening conditions! We stock a wide range of gardening tools and accessories, as well as a mird of marvellous plants. Choose from a great range of shrubs, perennials, alpines, roses, herbs, vegetable and bedding plants.Wherever possible we try to source locally or ensure that our stock is properly hardened so you are guaranteed the best results possible. Our experienced garden team are ready to help whether you are an expert gardener or a complete novice.

Gareth, Shaun and Malcolm having a laugh in the polytunnelGareth, Shaun and Malcolm having a laugh in the polytunnel

If you are looking for trees, we specialise in the propagation of native species such as Sitka alder, Balsam Poplar and Alaskan willow. These hardy varieties are much sought after locally because they can withstand the harsh growing conditions of the Shetland climate and are excellent for creating windbreaks, shelter and screening. We also stock other trees suitable for the Shetland climate including Japanese Larch, Sitka Spruce and Lodgepole Pine.

We also stock a range of trees that are well suited to smaller gardens. Whatever your space, we have something to suit. Take your pick from Rowan, Downy Birch, or Oriental Wooly Willow to help your local bees too. Drop by or call us to find out what you can be doing in the garden whatever the season and how we can help.

We are proud to have a Mini Polycrub in house.

For all enquires please contact our Garden team at Port Business Park on 01595 696889.

Port Business Park, Gremista, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0TW