Shetland Home Co.

Shetland’s leading centre for community reuse and recycling. Shetland Home Co can re-home your pre-loved items and offers affordable access to high quality second-hand furniture, electricals, homeware, gifts, and collectables.

As part of COPE Ltd, Shetland Home Co is a social enterprise, social firm, and registered charity. Our social and environmental impacts are core to everything we do. We believe in sustainable living and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to work in an inclusive environment. We provide skills development and supported employment opportunities for adults with learning disabilities or autism.

Think Second-Hand First

Martyn repairs a radio. Martyn repairs a radio.Everybody loves a bargain, but did you know that buying second-hand is one of the easiest and most practical things we can do to lower our carbon footprint?

Living sustainably isn’t always easy at 60° North, but at Shetland Home Co, Shetland's only Zero Waste Scotland, Revolve Certified store, our skilled team can help everyone do their bit for reuse, repair, re-purposing, and recycling in Shetland.

Thinking second-hand first has never been easier. Our Revolve certification guarantees that our quality and safety standards are the same as thoses for brand-new goods.

Find out more about Revolve.

Shop with us

Everything you find for sale in the Shetland Home Co has been generously donated by the Shetland community. Before these pre-loved items reach the shop floor, they are checked and cleaned, then function and safety tested. The team carry out minor repairs, PAT testing, and a range of other safety checks.

As a social enterprise and registered charity, everything you spend with us goes back into developing more opportunities and services for the community. By shopping at Shetland Home Co you, not only, support our skills development and supported employment opportunities, but also help reduce our collective impact on the environment, all while saving money too!

Louise sorting DVDs, games and books. Louise sorting DVDs, games and books.

We stock everything you need for a cosy, stylish, eco-friendly home, including:

· Furniture

· Domestic white goods and electrical items (all fully function and PAT tested)

· Reconditioned computers, printers, monitors, and IT hardware (all fully function and PAT tested)

· Toys, Books, Games, DVDs, CDs, and Vinyl

· Mirrors, Pictures, and Collectables

· Crockery, China, Glassware and much, much more!

The Home Co Team - Ready to help! The Home Co Team - Ready to help!Our highly-skilled team work hard to ensure that your purchases meet the same quality and safety standards as any new item, so hang on to your receipt as Shetland Home Co customers have the same consumer protections as when you buy new.

If you are doing your own repairs, up-cycling, or craft projects, let us know. We can help with pre-packed selections of small components such as assorted nuts, bolts, springs, brackets, jewellery components, knobs and handles, for repairers and creators of all kinds.

Whatever you are looking for, just ask and we’ll try our very best to help!

Donate your pre-loved items

Tired of having a house full of things you don’t use but can’t bring yourself to throw away? Support us by giving your pre-loved items a new lease of life. By donating your unwanted household goods, you can support COPE and help us increase our social impact as well as helping to reduce Shetland’s carbon footprint.

When you donate, please sign up to support COPE Ltd through Gift Aid. If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid makes your donation 25% more valuable to us! Find out more here, or download our registration form. Drop off your completed form and we'll do the rest.

We aim to reuse, repair, or recycle as much as possible. What we can’t reuse or repair, we may be able to break down for recycling. So, if it’s missing a cable or you’re not sure if it works, why not let our skilled team decide if your old items deserve a second chance? If you have large items you would like to donate, remember we offer a FREE collection service.

Ibrahim and Martyn. Ibrahim and Martyn.

We really appreciate all donations at the Shetland Home Co, we couldn’t do what we do without you. However, there are some specific items we cannot take and we generally don’t accept clothing and apparel as there are many other local charities who deal with these. If you aren’t sure if we can accept your donation, please give us a call or drop by, and our team will be happy to help.

Delivery and Collection

Our friendly van team can also deliver large items purchased from us. Delivery is available throughout Mainland Shetland for a nominal fee, ranging from £5 - £15.

If you would like to donate larger items but don’t have transport, please call and we can arrange a free collection service.

Hunter and Steve return from a collection. Hunter and Steve return from a collection.

Recycling Materials

Over the years we have steadily increased the number of components we can recycle from IT hardware, electricals, and machinery.

Angus strips a broken printer Angus strips a broken printerThis salvage operation targets high value materials such as PC mother boards, metals, electric motors, cables, batteries and mild steel. Our production team break down broken and obsolete IT hardware and remove contaminates, preparing materials for salvage markets on the UK mainland.

Again, if you’re not sure what we can take, just give us a call to discuss your donation.

Port Business Park, Gremista, Lerwick, Shetland, ZE1 0TW