Make your Donation go further with Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, sign up to Gift Aid for COPE Ltd and make your donation go 25% further at no extra cost. Gift Aid is a UK Government scheme where charities can reclaim money on your contribution from the HM Revenue & Customs.

Sign up to Gift Aid with COPE Ltd, so that whenever you donate pre-loved items or if you decide to make a cash donation, we will be able to claim 25p extra for every £1 of the value of your donation. All we need from you is permission to reclaim against tax you have already paid to HM Revenue & Customs.

About Retail Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a really simple way for Shetland Home Co. to increase the value of the donations you make through a government scheme to support charity. As a taxpayer, when you give a gift with a monetary value to a charity like COPE, you have already paid tax on that money. Whether you are donating a sofa, some books or making a cash donation, through Gift Aid we can claim back a small part of the tax you have already paid to HMRC.

Malcolm testing out the comfy chairs! Malcolm testing out the comfy chairs!

To sign up, all you need to do is fill in a quick form, which can be downloaded here.

Hand in your form or email a scanned copy to us at, and we will register you for COPE Ltd Gift Aid. We’ll send you a personal Shetland Home Co Gift Aid number and all the details of how to use it. Whenever you donate, just tell us your Gift Aid number and we’ll do the rest.

Please remember that to support charities through Gift Aid you need to register with each individual charity you would like to support. If you are not registered with COPE Ltd, we can’t claim Gift Aid on your donations.