COPE Awarded Zero Waste Scotland Revolve Certification

Shetland Home Co team celebrate their achievementCOPE Ltd's Shetland Home Co has just achieved Zero Waste Scotland’s Revolve accreditation for the third time in a row.

The Lerwick second-hand store is one of Shetland’s leading lights for reuse, repair, and recycling in the community. It is also proudly part of COPE Ltd, a thriving Shetland social enterprise and registered charity, which provides skills development and supported employment opportunities for adults with learning disabilities or autism.

Best known for its shop, Shetland Home Co sells a vast and eclectic range of electrical appliances, furniture, homeware, books, and music. It is less well-known for all the hard work and expertise behind the scenes. The team do everything they can to make sure they get the best out of the items people so generously donate.

Every item is checked and cleaned before it is logged on the store’s tracking system and begins its journey through safety and function checks. Shetland Home Co’s dedicated team do everything they can to reduce the materials that go into landfill. Anything that can’t be cleaned up or repaired is broken down for components or to recycle valuable materials.

Staff and participants are trained in safety standards, PAT testing, function checks and have an impressive range of repair and recycling skills. Revolve is a national quality standard for second-hand stores in Scotland, awarded to stores that meet these high standards in safety, cleanliness, and service; giving local shoppers the extra confidence needed to make second-hand their first choice. Shetland Home Co first achieved Revolve accreditation in early 2017 and works constantly to maintain this important accreditation. It is one of 116 Revolve certified stores across the country.

David Newitt from Revolve, who has been in charge of Shetland Home Co’s recertification audit, says: “A massive congratulations to Shetland Home Company on securing their Revolve recertification, it’s really well deserved. Their second-hand store is a fantastic example of the circular economy in action. By positioning second-hand shopping as a more attractive and cost-effective choice, businesses can help citizens lower their consumption and protect the environment. Zero Waste Scotland is committed to supporting businesses in their circular journey and we have lots of resources available on our website.”

Whenever you buy second-hand you are not simply getting a great bargain but also extending the useful lifespan of the item you buy, preventing the production of new goods, and cutting out all the carbon emissions involved in getting new goods to Shetland. Over the past year Shetland Home Co has processed around 41,000 items, which adds up to 63.5 tonnes of goods, extending their lifespan and saving them from landfill.

Derek Hart, COPE’s Business manager for Shetland Home Co and Shetland Garden Co, said “This certification helps build the confidence and trust that makes thinking second-hand first more viable for Shetlanders.

“This will become ever more important due to the growing need for us all to consider our purchasing choices carefully with a view to reducing our environmental impact, and of course, as part of the current economic landscape where so many people are feeling the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis.”