Retail Gift Aid at Shetland Home Co

We are delighted to announce that Shetland Home Co is now part of the Retail Gift Aid scheme!

Retail Gift Aid allows individuals who are UK taxpayers to donate the proceeds of sales made on their behalf by charity shops such as the Shetland Home Co, increasing the value of the donation by 25%.

Signing up for the Retail Gift Aid scheme is easy to do; donors must complete a Gift Aid Declaration form, available from the Shetland Home Co. When a donor signs up to the Gift Aid scheme they are confirming that the Shetland Home Co will act as their agent to sell their goods and agreeing to the charity keeping the net proceeds of the sale of the goods. Each donor is given a Gift Aid donor card with a unique ID number and all donated items are labelled with that number to enable Shetland Home Co to record the sales value. The donor is notified by email or letter if the proceeds of the sale of their goods are above £100. All donors will also be sent an annual statement informing them of the total amount raised from selling their goods.

Shetland Home Co’s function is to Re-use and Recycle household items in Shetland with the aim of reducing waste. Their skilled team – REVOLVE accredited by Zero Waste Scotland, maximise this aim by carrying out small repairs, PAT testing all electrical items and ensuring all items are checked to a high standard, and in good working order before sale.

Shetland Home Co Business Manager, Louise Watson said “We are delighted to be part of the Retail Gift Aid scheme and makes every donation count even more. Its’s an amazing way for charities like us to increase the value of the donations at no extra cost to the donors, just by allowing us to claim Gift Aid. Plus signing up is so simple, customers don’t have to worry about giving personal information, it won’t cost a penny and the cash raised can make a huge difference to the life of our Social Enterprise”.