Team Meetings Return

Shetland Garden Co Team Shetland Garden Co TeamAt COPE one of the toughest aspects of the pandemic has been the lack of opportunities to come together and work on team development. The organisation really is all about people and the value of working together. In June and July, for the first time in over two years, team meetings were back.

Though meetings are still being held separately within each business unit to keep everyone safe, it has been great to get back to holding team meetings. Alison Moar, COPE's Employability Manager, said "It's just brilliant to be able to get together and discuss the issues that affect people, get feedback on how everybody is doing, and share new ideas. It is a core part of what we do here at COPE."

The next team meeting is scheduled for the end of October, by then it is hoped that a general meeting across all three business units will be possible. October's event will include a morning of training activities and team building work.

Training Session with Celia Smith of Blyde Welcome Training Session with Celia Smith of Blyde Welcome